IT Support and Computer repair whenever you need it. Proudly servicing businesses in Winchester, Front Royal, Purcellville, Leesburg, Martinsburg and surrounding areas.wrenchandkeyboard

Is your business technology worth the money you’re pouring into it?  First of all, IT and Computer help should not cost an arm and a leg. At BK Connected Solutions,  we’re right there with you!

Services you can Afford

BKCS provides expert IT support and Computer PC repair at a price you can finally afford. Furthermore, we have experienced professionals ready to assist you.  We have partnered with Dell and Microsoft to offer you the products you need to gain a competitive edge over your competition.

What to Expect from BKCS

With BKCS as your partner in technology, you can expect:

·       Affordable support, with flexible pricing structures for all your IT needs.

·       An IT team that works as an extension of your company. As a result, you don’t incurring the cost of hiring a full-time Technology Support person.

·       Faster repair or replacement of your broken computers, to eliminate costly downtime in your business when something goes wrong.

Most of all, BKCS will always be there if something goes wrong. Our IT Service help on demand is the key to increasing your business’s profitability.

Whether your company needs online & remote computer repair or support or  IT diagnostics and help  to fix computer problems BKCS has a solution. We also offer computer software help and advice, including tech support for many applications.

Want to reduce the cost of downtime caused by broken technology? Discover a better way, with an IT help strategy from a team that keeps your budget in mind. Contact BKCS today.